My Promise To Weeekly | Part 1

So last time I had a video call with Weeekly I told them that I would study korean and the next time we would meet I would talk in korean with them, but if you already read my video call with Weeekly I only managed to say it to Jihan and Jaehee -_-’’ 

But my promise is to every member! 

Why did I make that promise? 
So I have actually been to Korea in a language exchange program for 5 months so in reality I should be decent in korean, but it is almost 2 years ago and I have not been studying or practicing my korean at all since then.

The promise works as a motivation for me to practice my korean again and at the same time I can probably make some memorable experiences with them. 

And it feels wrong to not try to communicate with them in korean. They work so hard and then there is me who doesn’t even try to talk korean with them… :/ 

Will I manage to keep the promise? 
I hope so! I don’t have anyone to practice speaking with me right now, but I think it is still doable. I will try to talk korean with them no matter what even if it gets scuffed. 

The fun thing when I was in Korea was that I was starting to think to myself in korean for the last month.

I will update you on the journey ^-^

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