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NewJeans’s final release Cookie is out and they have officially made their debut as of 1st August. I have been casually checking out their pre-releases as they came out, and I must say that I’m excited to see them debut. I think they will bring something unique to the current K-pop industry that I personally will like. 

NewJeans are a 5-member girl group under ADOR (and HYBE Labels), and consist of the members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin & Hyein. NewJeans has gathered a lot of attention before their debut. Mostly due to being under HYBE, I mean every group under HYBE will get a lot of attention no matter what, but they have also managed to create their own unique image in a short time and have released fantastic songs. 

They went with this whole y2k (Year 2000) aesthetics/vibe, and I freaking love it. It’s pure nostalgia for me who was born in 98 and grew up in those years. Having to watch music videos on the television and having to buy each song if you wanted them on the phone. I think they executed the vibe perfectly. It’s definitely catered towards those who grew up during the 00s, and it’s a little funny to listen to music I have grown up with made by girls that mostly have not experienced it. There is the possibility that Korea adapted the western 2yk music a little later and that they actually did grow up with the korean version of western 00s music, but I’m not saying anything for certain. 

I hope they continue with this aesthetics and vibe because it’s unique and I think it a great opportunity in the current K-pop market. It seems like a lot of people are feeling the same. 

Attention 8.5/10

Attention is the first song that got released and is also the first song on the album. I didn’t like the song the first time and it took a while before I fell in love. The beat and melody are cool and great, but the clapping and the cheering sound makes the song extremely fun and exciting to listen to. The song gives off the feeling of just having a great time. It’s so satisfying when they drag “attention~~” during the chorus, it’s like heaven.

The MV is fantastic, it captures the feeling of the song perfectly, it’s bright, light and fun. The choreo is cute and fun. It’s not about doing complicated dance moves, and it’s all about the charisma and the energy they give off.

Hype Boy 9/10

Hype Boy is the 2nd song to be released and is the 2nd song on the album. Both Hype Boy and Attention didn’t catch my attention at first, but they slowly crept up on me and now I love them. I love every part of the song. The beat is nice, the verses and chorus are amazing, the vocals are on point.

They made 4 different MVs for Hype Boy (Minji ver., Hanni ver., Hyein ver. and Danielle&Haerin ver.). All versions follow their own love story, and the MVs ooze of y2k aesthetics which is so cool.

Cookie 8.5/10

Cookie is the final song to be released and is the 3rd song on the album. Opposite of the two others I fell in love with this one right away. I love the groovy charismatic vibe and there is no shortage of amazing vocals. My only concern is the lyrics. There is this underlying sexual meaning behind the lyrics which is concerning thinking about some of their age. I could be reaching for something that is not there, but when you read lyrics and give it a second thought you can’t deny there might be a double meaning. 

The MV was disappointing, and it has to do with the fact that this was the last MV and I expected it to be the grand finale so I thought this would be the song with the best MV, but if I’m right this is not the title track and it is instead Attention which I found out later. Other than being disappointing at first it’s a nice “performance” MV. I really like the choreo and they have great presence and charisma.

Hurt 9/10

Hurt is the 3rd song to be released and is the last song on the album. I fell in love with Hurt right away. I love the mellow melody, and their vocals send me to another world. This is my favorite song so far. I love the fact that there are none English words in the verses. Everyone has fantastic vocals and voices, but I think I like Hyein’s voice the most. 

The MV is literally close-up shots of their faces which is okay, but nothing special. I think it’s also a little controversial how close the shots are. The zoom-ins on the mouth and lips…

Conclusion 9/10

This is a freaking good debut, everything is perfect. Amazing songs, concept, talent and skills. They have gotten a lot of fans already and are on a good way to success. I believe this group will achieve greatness in the future. They have been under some controversy already which is alarming. The controversy is not about the members themself, but the person who is responsible for creating NewJeans. I don’t think it will affect the group tremendously, but it might slow the growth of the group. 

Which is your favorite song of the album?

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