NMIXX – AD MARE | Debut Album Review

JYP Entertainment is debuting a new girl group called NMIXX – I don’t feel the name yet, but I’m sure it will become better eventually. Whenever the big 3 debuts a new girl group I’m always intrigued and excited to see what they can bring to the table, but I’m a casual fan of girl groups from the big three. Mostly due to concept, I’m not super into the girl crush/teen crush that they tend to go for. 

Another freaking single album debut, that’s so lame. I hate it when groups debut with a single album and I rarely get into new groups who debut with a single album.

NMIXX consists of 7 members:
Lily: Born in 2002, Korean-Australian
Haewon: Born in 2003, Korean
Sullyoon: Born in 2004, Korean
Jinni: Born in 2004, Korean
Bae: Born in 2004, Korean
Jiwoo: Born in 2005, Korean
Kyujin: Born in 2006, Korean

From the concept photos Haewon has attracted my attention the most, but I mean there is no shortage of visuals in this group. Even though the girls are looking stunning, the concept photos are quite boring.

O.O 💙💙💙💙
Pick N Mixx was literally what they did, they went from a hard hitting girl crush to bright and fun, and then back to the girl crush in the span of 3 minutes. It’s definitely a song where you either absolutely love it or hate it, and I am more on the love it part and it’s close to a perfect song. The part I’m not a super fan of is the intro and the chorus. 

I freaking loved Haewon’s introduction/part, the whole scene was amazing: the underground car park, the hilarious not so subtle advertisement of Cola Zero, their presence and charisma. 

I really don’t like how these lines sound “Watch out, baila baila baila” “Watch it, how nice, how nice”. The instruments are alright, but I find it weird how the lines are said and the words don’t flow that well.

The middle part between the first chorus and the last one is HOLY, I will gladly take a full song with that sound and concept. The 2nd chorus is definitely more satisfying than the first and Jinni really took the spotlight during the 2nd chorus. Overall the song had so many great moments and the MV had no shortage of incredible visuals.

TANK 💙💙💙
It’s weirdly not bad… That’s all I’m going to say.

The debut was just fine. I don’t know, I feel like the debut MV is not the greatest experience for someone who doesn’t know NMIXX at all. They are definitely super talented and it’s going to be very interesting to see if or how JYP Ent. is going to showcase their talent. I think their pre-debut stuff has been better than the actual debut (Except the song O.O).

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