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NMIXX is back with their first comeback and 2nd single album ENTWURF. Their debut song O.O didn’t catch my attention and I haven’t listened to it other than when they just debuted. I don’t expect their new song to be any less weird than their last. They already said they are going to do something new and unique, and their name NMIXX suggests they are going to MIXX all types of styles and sounds. 

DICE 7/10

First listen was awful, but it has grown on me to some extent. It would actually be an amazing song if there wasn’t for the weird mix-up rap part in the middle, and it’s so sad because it’s so close to being a song that I enjoy from start to finish, which I didn’t expect from a NMIXX title track. One thing that annoyed me is that this is their 2nd release and some members are being overshadowed to a degree that is super weird. I think JYP needs to even out the lines and screen time to all the members as they are still in the phase of introducing themself to the public. 

A calm song with amazing vocals, and the song is fantastic. A totally different sound than what we have heard so far from NMIXX, and I think a lot of people appreciate it because I certainly do. Personally it’s a forgettable song and I don’t think I will ever listen to this song or add it to my playlist after this comeback period, but we will see. I definitely recommend listening to this b-side to everyone, people who are unsure if they want to stan NMIXX or people like me doesn’t really fancy their title tracks. 

Overall 7/10

This comeback didn’t make me fall in love with NMIXX, but it made me even more excited to see what their next release will sound like and I hope more people get their chance to shine. It’s going to be super interesting to listen to their b-sides if they decide to release a mini or a full album.

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