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As many people know there was an absolut tragic event that unfolded in Seoul Saturday 29th, and this blog has taken a halt of posting posts as Korea announced the mourning period. This event affected me personally as it is a place I have spent a fair amount of time when I was in Korea. I sat on the other side of the world worried if anyone that I have gotten to know was in the event that had taken place. For now it seems that everyone that I know is well, which is something I am so grateful for, but I also want to take this time to send my condolences to the grieving families and friends.

I would say that October had a decent amount of releases, but the only song that I remember is Generation by tripleS subunit Acid Angel from Asia (AAA) which caught my attention right away and makes me super excited to see their future projects. 

November currently doesn’t have much in store for me, but I am looking forward to woo!ah!’s comeback and CSR’s first comeback after their debut. ICHILLIN was supposed to have their comeback on the 3rd, but I have not heard any news of a new date. This comeback was going to be the first release where their new member Jiyoon was going to take part in. For those who watched Girls Planet 999 is most likely already familiar with her and knows that she is a super talented person. 

🖥️Watched this month: Nevertheless, Something in the Rain

The weather here has been absolutely awful and I hate this part of the year between summer to winter. It is raining, getting colder and darker, so I hope the winter comes very soon. Take care during November and remember it is soon the holiday season.

October Posts

Favorite releases of October

A throwback sound to the 2000s asia. The vibe is similar to NewJeans, and in my opinion is so different and enjoyable than the girl crush and in your face concepts that we have been through over the years. An amazing debut.

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