The perfect christmas gift to a Kpop fan

Buying the perfect gift to someone can be quite hard, especially when you don’t share the same hobbies and interests. As a Kpop fan I will help you find the perfect christmas gift to another Kpop fan.

1. Kpop Albums

BTS Butter


Which Kpop fan doesn’t want more Kpop albums? Everyone interested in music wants to own physical albums of their favorite artists and Kpop is no different.

2. Portable CD Player



Perfect gift to someone who already has a ton of albums. They can finally listen to their CD’s with this portable CD player. 

3. Stationery

Decorative Stickers


Stationeries can be super useful and fun for Kpop fans that trade and send each other photocards through the mail.

4. Dolls

BT21 Line Friends


Cute and adorable dolls work very well too and for the BTS fans there is the official Line Friends x BTS merch to choose from.

5. Season’s Greetings

Twice 2022 Season’s Greetings


Personally, this is the perfect gift and the only bad thing about it is that the season’s greetings don’t get released until after christmas. Opening the season’s greetings package is like opening a new gift with more inside.

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