Pixy | Fairy forest: Bravery Album Review

I am actually only writing this because the album really caught me off guard. I did not like the debut and I did not like the title track for this album, so it was really surprising to find two songs on the album that I love.

Let Me Know (Title track) – 3/10 
It is just not my taste and I find it really weird, so I wasn’t totally sure what score to give it and it doesn’t really give the song a fair chance. 

The Moon – 4/10
I like this better than Let Me Know, but it still is not my taste. 

Greedy – 10/10
This song is so good and I love it!! There is no part I do not like and the guitar at the end is so extra, but I like it. 

Insomnia – 10/10
This one and Greedy are on another level. I am just blown away! I think I like Greedy more, but the more I listen to Insomnia the more I like it ^-^’’ 

Which song is your favorite, pls let me know?

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