Queendom 2 | Opening Show Teasers

Mnet dropped performance teasers for every artist and it made me really look forward to the show. The 1st episode is broadcasted on 31 March 21:20 Korean time. If you want to check out more content, I did write a post of my predictions of which songs will be performed by each artist. 

Every performance looked amazing, but the ones that made me the most excited were LOONA, WJSN and Kep1er.

LOONA went with satellite, and freaking love it. I personally isn’t the biggest fan of their title songs, but they do some amazing b-sides and the choice they made was perfect. Their outfit is on point, I love the see-through shirt and it adds another great layer to the performance. Kim Lip is so dangerous. Her effortless elegance and swag is truly something else.

WJSN’s teaser felt so short… I’m literally gasping for more. The piano is a nice touch, and this is probably the performance I’m the most excited to watch. I love the outfit switch and how it’s connected to the moon that we see in the background. 

Kep1er was a great surprise! I loved the marching band/cheerleading vibe at the start, and there were many amazing musical elements throughout the performance. 

Who do I support?
Objectively I just want to see great performances and that the best one wins, but the one I’m most excited about is WJSN and I definitely am more biased towards them. 

Opening Show Performance Teasers:
Brave GirlsYoutube

– Which one did you like the most, and are excited to see in episode 1? 

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