Queendom 2 Predictions | 2021

Kingdom season 2 just ended. Congratulations to Stray kids for winning and every other group who participated. 

[Edit] I do not think we will see a Queendom 2 in 2021 because the new Mnet survival program Girlsplanet999 that will start airing in August.

There hasn’t been any official announcement of Queendom 2 by Mnet, but we can speculate who will potentially join if it were going to happen. So far we have had: Queendom, Kingdom & Kingdom season 2, so there should be season 2 of Queendom in sight. This is only my predictions and it will be interesting to see how correct or how bad I did it when it gets announced. 


If there is one group that I would love to see on Queendom it would definitely be Apink. The only thing that would be missing is that they would only be 5 members since Naeun chose to not renew her contract with PlayM this year, but I think Apink fit really nice. Apink has gone through a steady evolution from cute & innocent concept to more mature concept.

Brave Girls

Brave Girls and their song Rollin got a huge popularity boost this year and they started to promote Rollin on music shows again after almost 4 years after its release. Brave Girls debuted in 2011, but have gone through a lot of member changes and none of the 4 girls who are in Brave girls at the moment have been there since the start.


WJSN is my 2nd group after Apink that I would love to see on Queendom. I believe they have great vocals and could potentially have some nice performances. This could also attract more western fans which they kinda lack.


I strongly believe LOONA could bring so many awesome performances on Queendom. Ot12 LOONA on Queendom would be so cool, especially since Haseul has been on a hiatus for a while now. She is finally ready to promote with the group again and they will have a comeback this month which I’m extremely excited for.


A group that introduced themself as a group that would try every concept and have done a lot of different things so far. In Queendom they could really experiment with themself and maybe could start to get some recognition from their company Cube. 


The Boyz who was the winner of Kingdom season 1 also participated in the season 2 of Kingdom, so it’s most likely that Mamamoo will participate in Queendom 2. 

Others: Everglow, Fromis_9, GWSN, Laboum, Momoland, Weki Meki

What are your thoughts and who do you think will participate in Queendom 2?

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