Queendom 2 | Round 1 Review

A little late review of the 1st round of Queendom 2, but it’s finally here! The program is whatever – I just skim through and watch mostly only the performances. I just want to see amazing performances, and don’t really care about the drama and tension that the show builds up to. 

My prediction for who was going to perform which song, landed on 2 out of 6 (Rollin by Brave Girls & WA DA DA by Kep1er). Pretty bad if you ask me, like I wanted to be better than that so I hope my prediction is much better for the next round. My aim is 4 out of 6. The prediction will be at the bottom of this post. 

1st Round Rank

I think this is a good representation of how good each performance was. The only exception is LOONA who didn’t get to perform on equal terms due Covid-19 cases in the group, and I would place them at 4th in front of Kep1er. 


She clearly understood the assignment. The whole performance was amazing – the stage, the choreo, the vocals, the outfits and literally everything were on point! Her experience and her hard work as an artist carried her through the performance, and she was on another level than the rest of participants and she did it by herself. 


The performance felt like a journey, a really good one too. During the ending I felt sad that the performance was almost over, but at the same time I was satisfied by the journey that the performance and I went through. The flow of the performance was exceptional. The only thing I missed is the vocals, and I hope that we see them focus more on vocals in the next round because I think they have amazing vocals. 


I think the performance was exactly what they intended it to be, beautiful and stunning. My only complaint is that it’s lacking emotions (sadness) and I think if they did a better job conveying the emotions to the audience it might have come in 1st place. 


It’s a decent performance, I believe it could have been so much better. Some parts work well and others just don’t hit the mark at all. 

5. Kep1er

I like the changes on the song, but the performance just doesn’t work for me. 

6. Brave Girls


HYOLYN → Butterfly (by LOONA)
VIVIZ → Save Me, Save You (by WJSN)
Kep1er → High Heels (by Brave Girls)
Brave Girls → MVSK (by Kep1er)

Which performance did you like the best?

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