Queendom 2 | Round 2 Review

I actually ended up watching both episodes this time for some reason. I don’t find the content for the episodes super interesting, except the performances. The show has gotten more fierce and the performances are becoming better and better. This list is not based on who I think will win, it’s based on how much I liked the performance. 


This is no surprise. Hyolyn is absolutely killing it – her energy and presence on the stage is incredible, and there is not one moment where it lacks during the performance. Her skills seem to be unmatched on this show and if she keeps doing what she has done so far she will 99% win this show. 

HYOLYN – So What Performance


They definitely stepped it up a big time! It was not about whether LOONA has talent, but rather whether LOONA could show their talent and they did exactly that this round, they showcased their amazing talent effortlessly. They utilized their number of members perfectly in a musical performance and hadn’t HYOLYN just been on another level, this performance would be in first place. 

LOONA – SHAKE IT Performance

3. Brave Girls

Stellar performance! Beside the complication (Covid-19) leading up and during the performance they did an amazing job. I liked their more relaxed and laid back approach. They looked comfortable and they made this song their own. Brave Girls and Kep1er’s MVSK feels like two completely different songs, and both are fantastic. 

Brave Girls – MVSK Performance

4. Kep1er

This is so much better than their last performance. The dynamics and the flow of the performance is so much more exciting and they added so many elements to the performances versus the freaking flags in their last performance. I’m not the biggest fan of dance breaks, but this one was fantastic.

Kep1er – Pool Party (Rollin’ right now) Performance


Spanish/latino K-pop songs are not my thing. I understand what they are going for and they do a pretty good job, but it just doesn’t grab my attention or my liking at all. I like the song selection, and it unexpectedly worked really well. 



It saddens me that I have to put WJSN in last place. I don’t understand what they were trying. Apparently there was a story to the performance. The middle part was just empty and lacked direction. The execution on the song is great, but the overall performance felt almost boring. The only thing I got from this performance was that NAVILLERA could have been a fantastic WJSN song in an alternative universe.

WJSN – NAVILLERA Performance

Which performance did you like the best? 

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