Queendom 2 | Round 3 Dance Unit

I think the live voting result was fair, and it’s going to be super exciting to see the final result. Based on the preview for the next episode it seems like Brave Girls is going to be in last place and will be the first group to be eliminated from the show ever.

1. Brave Girls Eunji x LOONA Olivia Hye, Yves, Choerry & Heejin

Stunning performance~!! Nothing more to say… They got pushed to their absolute limit, on the verge of breaking down, and they performed an amazing performance. The expression and the fierceness they showed in the performance was incredible.

2. HYOLYN x WJSN Yeoreum & Eunseo

Great performance by Hyolyn, Yeoreum and Eunseo. I think the camera work does the performance a little injustice, but the performance isn’t spectacular in any means. There was too much happening on the stage, but I think that is the fault of the camera work going all different places when the focus should have been Hyolyn, Yeoreum & Eunseo. I would have loved to see a solo part where someone just popped off. 

3. VIVIZ SinB & Umji x Kep1er Xiaoting, Dayeon & Hikaru

The choreography was good and the girls did a great job, but the performance was boring to be a dance performance. It felt more like a music show stage and it needed a dance break. It’s a dance performance, but I still felt like I needed a dance break (How?). The whole performance was them right in the center of the stage, in formation of 5, switching positions between each other. I think that is outrageous… and there was no reason for them to have back-up dancers except to fill empty space in the background. I’m not pinpointing this at the girls because someone did a horrible job in designing and planning the performance.

Which performance did you like the best?

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