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Rocket Punch just released their 2nd single album FLASH. I know people have loved the retro disco vibe they have done for their 2 last releases, but personally I’m super excited and glad they changed to more of their former sound. Their 2nd mini album RED PUNCH is one of my favorite albums. Without further ado let’s check out their latest releases FLASH.

Light, Signal, Action. The song spends no time throwing you in and you know exactly what kind of song you are getting in the first seconds. I just love the song from start to finish. The deep house elements are loud and in your face which in my opinion is working well, and each part of the song is nicely done and the transition between them is excellent. 

The execution is perfect, and it seems the girls are not limited to a few concepts and they will thrive on whatever is thrown at them. The MV is great, but the white background dance scenes are so bad and literally ruins the MV. It gives the feeling of a budget MV, and even though the rest of the MV is fantastic it ruins the whole MV for me.

This is for the people that loved Rocket Punch retro sound. It is a catchy, bouncy retro song, but the only problem I have with this song is the weird and out of place 2nd verse rap part. 

Easily my favorite song on the album which caught my attention right away. Beep Beep is an upbeat, fun song that will brighten your day. There are so many interesting sounds, and I especially love the electronic guitar and the drums. There is a weird Trap rap part like in Moon Prism, but this one is much shorter and doesn’t ruin the song like the one in Moon Prism.

Overall 8.5/10

This release made me more interested in Rocket Punch again, and it’s overall a fantastic comeback. Even though I really liked this release I’m still unsure about Rocket Punch. They switched sound a few times and it’s hard to have a grasp on what they will come back with next time which makes it harder for them to have a consistent fanbase. Personally I lost all interest in the group when they released Ring Ring and it took me a great time to recover from that. It doesn’t seem like Woolim Ent. has a solid plan for Rocket Punch, but I hope they will eventually create a sound and identity for the group that will thrive.

Did you enjoy their newest album?

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