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There were not too many girl group releases this month. BLACKPINK and NMIXX was the only girl groups that had a comeback from the well known companies. BLACPINK’s pre-single Pink Venom and title track Shut down was disappointing considering how long it has been since their last release, but the rest of the album was great and enjoyable as always. NMIXX’s DICE is an amazing song that was so close to being perfect for me, but I did not like the rap part at all and completely ruined the song for me. DIA released their last farewell song before their contract ended. DIA has been through a lot of ups and downs, mostly due to the management by the company and it is sad that a group that had so much potential and talent was just thrown away. 

It looks like October is going to be filled with girl group releases: Dreamcatcher, MAMAMOO, Kep1er, (G)I-DLE, LE SSERAFIM, and solo artists like Kwon Eunbi and Lee Chaeyeon the former IZ*ONE member is finally making her debut. I am personally most excited for LE SSERAFIM’s comeback. It is always extra exciting to see a group’s first comeback. 

I have been making a comeback to my former K-drama self, and this month I have watched more series than I usually. If someone have some recommendation for something to watch, please comment below to let me know ^-^

📖Read this month: Battle Royale (Page 103) 
🖥️Watched this month: My Liberation Notes, Youth of May, Money Heist: Korea 

And as we are moving towards the autumn and a more colder weather I hope you take care and avoid catching a cold or anything serious. Have an amazing October! 

September Posts

Favorite releases of September

My favorite song on their album, and have been on semi repeat this month.

Yoojung’s solo album debut is here, and the song that catched my attention was Tip Tip Toes. I love the groove and it is a fantastic song. 

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