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STAYC is coming back with their 2nd mini-album YOUNG-LUV.COM. The album title is so weird, but I freaking luv it and it makes me laugh at how bizarre it is. The concept photos are stunning and I’m so intrigued by the photos. I love the concept photos with the balloon guns and the balloon tank in the background. I watched the teaser without sound because I hate listening to teasers cause they somehow ruin the song for me, but the video looked sick and I think this is going to be another banger. 

Their debut SO BAD was amazing, and I did not fancy ASAP at all, but their latest release STEREOTYPE is in my opinion the best title track released: the concept, the MV, the outfits & literally everything was perfect with that release.

We got 6 songs!! I’m actually really surprised. Their last mini-album contained only 4 songs, so I’m so excited to check out their new album. 

RUN2U   💙💙💙

My first view through of the MV there was something bothering me, the color and esthetics of the song did not match the MV and the styling. Personally it’s weird watching the MV with the sound, and it’s definitely more satisfying to only listen to the song.

The MV itself is gorgeous and the styling it’s perfect. Even though Stayc have had some questionable styling choices and a very dominant one in this one, their overall outfits and styling have been holy. Please ARREST the person who put Yoon in the adidas football shoulder pads. That should actually be a crime, and I got so disappointed that we didn’t see any balloon guns or the tank. 

I like the song, but I don’t absolutely love it. It’s on high 3 hearts at the moment. My ranking for Stayc title tracks so far: ASAP -> …. -> RUN2U -> SO BAD -> STEREOTYPE


247 💙💙💙💙💙
This was a good song, the groove~~! I bopped my head and vibed to this one. Definitely my favorite song on this album.




Overall 💙💙💙💙
It was just what I expected of Stayc, good music that does not cater to me. I don’t think I will add any of these songs to my main Kpop playlist – I will give 247, Butterfly and I Want U Baby some more listens.

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