NMIXX – AD MARE | Debut Album Review

JYP Entertainment is debuting a new girl group called NMIXX – I don’t feel the name yet, but I’m sure it will become better eventually. Whenever the big 3 debuts a new girl group I’m always intrigued and excited to see what they can bring to the table, but I’m a casual fan of girl […]

STAYC – YOUNG-LUV.COM | Album Review

STAYC is coming back with their 2nd mini-album YOUNG-LUV.COM. The album title is so weird, but I freaking luv it and it makes me laugh at how bizarre it is. The concept photos are stunning and I’m so intrigued by the photos. I love the concept photos with the balloon guns and the balloon tank […]

Apink HORN | Review

(Source twitter: @Apink_2011) It took 1 Year & 10 months for Apink to make their long-awaited comeback and they came back with a full album. Apink will promote as 5 without Naeun who has participated in the comeback and the album. Dilemma [Title Track]   💙💙💙Dilemma is about the dilemma of staying in an unhealthy […]

VIVIZ Beam Of Prism | Review

(Source: VIVIZ_official) BOP BOP! [Title Track]   💙💙💙💙💙The intro had me intrigued and it gave the song the potential to be something great. I wasn’t totally sold on the first listen, but the song was so good that I had to give a few more listens before I gave it my thoughts. The 2nd listen was […]

LOONA | [&]

Haseul is finally back with LOONA’s 4th mini album! Let’s go~! ^-^ I have only watched the first teaser for this comeback, so I don’t even know how many songs there are on the album. Nonetheless I’m super excited to watch the MV and listen to the album.  PTT (Paint The Town) 9/10The first part […]

SEVENTEEN | Your Choice

SEVENTEEN is probably one of my favorite boy groups who are active at the moment and I’m always excited to see them have a new comeback, but I actually have never listened to a whole album/minid¨å album by Seventeen before. I have only checked out the title track so today we are going to change […]

TWICE | Taste of Love

Twice is back with their 10th mini album and it’s summer.  Alcohol-Free 6/10Twice does what they always do releasing solid addictive songs. All of them look absolutely stunning too. I love the whole chorus. It’s literally so addictive that I want to cry, but there is something about Twice title tracks that make me not […]

Woo!ah! | “WISH”

Woo!ah! have done a great job so far with woo!ah! and Bad Girl. Bad Girl is my favorite title track so far and my favorite song would be I Don’t Miss U. They are a girl group under NV Ent. and debuted in May 2020. SCAREDY CAT  8/10Really like the song, but I miss a […]

GWSN | The Other Side of the Moon

GWSN is finally back after a little over a year! Their last comeback Bazooka! was good. It didn’t catch me on the first listen, but it grew on me.  1. Burn (Song by MIYA, SEORYOUNG, ANNA, LENA)  2/10A slow edm track. I don’t know what to say. It just doesn’t work. 2. I Can’t Breath  […]

Everglow | Last Melody

Everglow is back with their 3rd Single album and they looked absolutely stunning in the teasers. I didn’t think we would have a comeback before Yena joined the team and I really believe that she will join Everglow eventually, but I’m getting more and more pestimitsk as the days go by.  FIRST 4/10For me this […]