Hidden Gems Episode 10 | Love is Blind – Apink

Source: @Apink_2011 (twitter) Hidden Gems is a series where I share my favorite b-sides every wednesday. In Hidden Gems we discover new b-sides that deserve some extra love and appreciation. You are more than welcome to recommend b-sides for me to check out. It’s crazy how I haven’t done an Apink hidden gem yet. Apink […]

Kpop Platform Album

Kpop platform albums are primarily a new and more sustainable way to do fansign events, and are sold in limited periods. A platform album is a digital album with physical photocard inclusions, so instead of getting sent a ton of heavy albums, you will be sent only photocards with a code which you can access […]

Apink HORN | Review

(Source twitter: @Apink_2011) It took 1 Year & 10 months for Apink to make their long-awaited comeback and they came back with a full album. Apink will promote as 5 without Naeun who has participated in the comeback and the album. Dilemma [Title Track]   💙💙💙Dilemma is about the dilemma of staying in an unhealthy […]

Apink’s comeback down the drain

They are finally back~~!! We have gotten one teaser photo for each member, one group teaser photo and the track list. The teaser photos look stunning and we got 11 tracks of Apink, so far so good except the controversy surrounding Naeun.  Apink will make their comeback on Valentine’s day 14 Feb.  The thing on […]

Apink Pink Eve Withdrama Haul

Apink dropped merch for their new year concert Pink Eve and I just had to get some of it. Nothing is like supporting the people that make you happy as long as you can afford it of course and Apink does exactly that. They have been my sunlight for years and still are. I ended […]

Girl Crush Concept Overrated? – Where Have The Cute/Innocent Groups Gone

The girl crush/teen crush concept is everywhere. Is the time right to bring back the cute innocent concept? I’m just done watching girl groups debuting with another girl crush/teen crush concept. Where are the legendary debuts like Lovelyz, Girls’ Generation, Apink, Oh My Girl, Gfriend & etc. I need more of those. The girl crush/teen […]

Queendom 2 Predictions | 2021

Kingdom season 2 just ended. Congratulations to Stray kids for winning and every other group who participated.  [Edit] I do not think we will see a Queendom 2 in 2021 because the new Mnet survival program Girlsplanet999 that will start airing in August. There hasn’t been any official announcement of Queendom 2 by Mnet, but […]

Who And Why Are They My Favorites | Weeekly & Apink

So today I wanted to go over why Weeekly and Apink are my ult groups! I am actually a huge girl group stan and I pretty much follow every girl group comeback or debut that is happening. I haven’t really been into the boy groups. I listen to boy group songs, but I don’t follow […]