Our Beloved Summer | K-Drama Review

I went in with no expectations, I actually read the brief synopsis which did turn me off, but in the end I found an amazing realistic emotional romance drama. There is nothing fancy about this series, it tackles very real-life emotions and problems. It’s very different from the usual real-life fantasy romance K-dramas, and is […]

Start-Up | K-Drama Review

I started watching Start-Up because of Nam Joo-hyuk’s amazing performance in Twenty Five Twenty One. The series started well – I liked the flow of the story and there were some great scenes, but I didn’t get particularly attached to any of the characters and after the time skip the whole series lost me. The […]

Korean Web Drama

In addition to the normal Korean drama series you also have something called a web drama, but what is the difference between a regular Korean drama and a Korean web drama? The main difference is the watch time. The web drama is shorter than a regular drama series and has typically a watch time of […]