Twinkling Watermelon | K-Drama Review

Twinkling Watermelon (Source: tvN) I did something that I usually do not do, and that is to start a series before it has finished airing. I am binge-watcher so I can’t stand to wait for weekly episodes, but after watching some short fan clips I couldn’t resist. The chemistry, the story was really appealing and […]

Nevertheless | K-Drama Review

Source: JTBC After finishing the series I looked through some reviews, and many people thought Nevertheless was boring which I found weird because I never during the series thought it was boring. A lot of people and I were expecting a lovely romance story, but it quickly turns out it is not, and I think […]

Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area | K-Drama Review

I have heard and seen a lot of good reviews of the original series La casa de papel. I have never seen it, but I think I almost have to see it at this point because I quite liked the Korean remake. The Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area has only released 6 episodes […]

Youth of May | K-Drama Review

Source: KBS It was just a coincidence that I started watching Youth of May, after watching a TikTok clip of the first date between Hee-tae and Myeong-hee. I rarely start watching kdramas because of clips I have seen on social media, but in that one clip I could feel their amazing chemistry and that the […]

My Liberation Notes | K-Drama Review

Source: JTBC So I just finished My Liberation Notes and it made me do something I never do when I watch a series. I’m a binge watcher so when I like a series I watch through it right away, but for My Liberation Notes I didn’t have the urge to binge it even though I […]