How To Store Your K-pop Photocard Collection

There is no correct way to store your personal collection, but there are certain ways to store a collection if you want to preserve the quality and the value of the cards, and a binder is the perfect choice to store a K-pop collection.  Most K-pop photocard collectors store their collection in a binder or […]

My Kpop Supplies

Are you wondering what kind of supplies I use for my collection? Here: Ultimate Guard binder, Ultimate Guard pages, Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves & Dragon Shield Resealable Sleeves.  My supplies have changed a few times. Often the change led to something better and I feel like I am in the place where I am not going […]

Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves Black

Today I present to you my favorite sleeve: The Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves Black I personally don’t care much about seeing the backside of the cards. I know a lot of people do like seeing the backside of the cards and that is understandable, but I prefer my cards in colored sleeves because it’s more […]

Kpop Resealable Sleeves | Dragon Shield

I recently bought Dragon Shield Perfect Fit Inner Card Sleeves and I am really happy with the purchase! My reason for trying the sleeves was because I wanted something to protect my rare Weeekly photocards as I felt the normal sleeves weren’t enough protection. The cards are worth around 140USD per card, so I would […]