Kpop Christmas Songs that will get you in the Holiday Mood

The holiday season has already started and Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to get in the right christmas mood than listening to your favorite Christmas song? Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s the time of the year I feel a stronger bond of gratitude and happiness among people. Kpop has released […]

Best Kpop Songs & Albums of 2021

This year I have been listening to more albums than I ever have before as a Kpop fan and explored a ton of old and new songs. The amount of great songs in Kpop is incredible, but even with the amount of amazing songs I’m still quite picky on what I listen to. I admire […]

What is a subunit?

The definition of a subunit: a unit that is a part of a larger unit, like NCT U is a subunit of NCT.  Why do Kpop groups create sub-units?  Some members could be on hiatus for different reasons. The subunit NU’EST W was created because one of their members was on a hiatus from the […]

The perfect christmas gift to a Kpop fan

Buying the perfect gift to someone can be quite hard, especially when you don’t share the same hobbies and interests. As a Kpop fan I will help you find the perfect christmas gift to another Kpop fan. 1. Kpop Albums BTS ButterEbay $33.99 Shop Which Kpop fan doesn’t want more Kpop albums? Everyone interested in […]

How To Store Your K-pop Photocard Collection

There is no correct way to store your personal collection, but there are certain ways to store a collection if you want to preserve the quality and the value of the cards, and a binder is the perfect choice to store a K-pop collection.  Most K-pop photocard collectors store their collection in a binder or […]

What Is K-POP POB?

The word POB is widely used in the kpop community. For new people it can be confusing about what the word exactly means and the answer I got from a google search made me even more confused so I will try to explain it very simply for you.  POB is an abbreviation of Pre-Order Benefit […]

Kpop Binder – What kind of Binder to choose?

There are so many different types of photocard binders to choose from and this is another aspect in the hobby where you can pick and choose your own colors. Are you the cute person who wants to have the cutest binder or do you just want the simplest and easy to use binder? Cute binders Are […]

What is a video call fansign and how can I win one?

Hi, do you want to know what a Video Call Fansign is and how you can participate in one? Then you have come to the right place. I will walk you through everything you need to know from how they work and finding one to talking to your idols.  Video call is simply a personal […]

How to protect your polaroids and valuable photocards

Normal photocards are fine being stored in a binder, but it’s not the most optimal for polaroids and valuable cards. Polaroids are usually of high value between 50-1000USD, it really depends on the group of course. If you want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or destroyed you have to protect it properly.  The […]

Ultimate Guide to Kpop Collecting: How to start a Kpop collection

Just started to like kpop and you want to join the fantastic world of kpop collecting. This post will help you on your journey to start your own kpop collection. Like what do you want to collect: Albums, photocards, merch, signed stuff or all of it. There is so much to choose and you should […]