LIGHTSUM – Into The Light | Album Review

LIGHTSUM is back~! and with a mini album. I’m quite excited to listen to what kind of b-sides they bring to us. Their last comeback had 2 b-sides, but it’s different when it’s a mini album and not a single album. Generally speaking artists tend to put more quality to mini albums than single albums […]

Favorite Kpop Songs | June 2021

June releases: Reddit There wasn’t too much I was excited for this month. I was really only excited to see Lightsum’s debut and Loona’s comeback, that’s it. It doesn’t seem like this month is going to be much better either, but it is nice to have a break from really heavy months.  Month: Previous | […]

LIGHTSUM | Vanilla

Lightsum is finally debuting and I’m so excited for it. I like the mix of members and it will be quite exciting to see what each member can bring to the table.  Vanilla 7/10 The first listen – I was busy and I just skimmed through the mv. There was nothing in the song that […]