K-Pop Group Order | Explained

What, why and how to host a group order? In this post I’m going through what a Group Order (GO) is and how they work, why people host group orders, and how you can host your own group order if you desire.  What is it, and why do people host group orders? A group order […]

Apink Pink Eve Withdrama Haul

Apink dropped merch for their new year concert Pink Eve and I just had to get some of it. Nothing is like supporting the people that make you happy as long as you can afford it of course and Apink does exactly that. They have been my sunlight for years and still are. I ended […]

Can you invest in Kpop cards?

Is it possible to make money investing in Kpop cards? Even though I would love the idea of both collecting and making money by buying and selling Kpop cards I do not believe it is possible. Flipping Kpop cards to make profit might work well and there are some resellers in the market already. The idea […]

How To Store Your K-pop Photocard Collection

There is no correct way to store your personal collection, but there are certain ways to store a collection if you want to preserve the quality and the value of the cards, and a binder is the perfect choice to store a K-pop collection.  Most K-pop photocard collectors store their collection in a binder or […]

Ultimate Guide to Kpop Collecting: How to start a Kpop collection

Just started to like kpop and you want to join the fantastic world of kpop collecting. This post will help you on your journey to start your own kpop collection. Like what do you want to collect: Albums, photocards, merch, signed stuff or all of it. There is so much to choose and you should […]

How to protect and send photocards | Kpop Packaging

So you have sold or traded a photocard, now you want to know how to send it properly so it arrives at the other person in the same condition as you had it.  Packaging it properly will prevent you from having to deal with a situation where the other person has a damaged photocard and […]

Kpop Photocard Guide

This guide will cover everything you need to know to understand kpop photocard collecting – from where they come from and understand their value to storing and protecting your photocards. How To Start a Kpop Photocard Collection When starting a kpop photocard collection it’s important to have a plan before you start throwing yourself into […]