Weeekly Master List

This is a master list for Weeekly it includes every video & show that they have done. If there is anything you feel like is missing then you can comment on the post or send me a message on Instagram @kpopgulingen. Music Videos Tag Me (@Me) | 2020 JunZig Zag | 2020 OctAfter School | […]

Weeekly | 7Days Tension

I finally had some time to listen to this song and I had it on repeat for a day. I really didn’t expect Weeekly to release anything so quickly after the last comeback. It’s been two months since the comeback and they have done a lot of promotion in between the comeback and 7Days Tension, […]

Weeekly Makestar 3

I got my Weeekly Makestar 3 package today! I am so happy!!! ^^  The photocard set is so pretty! I love that they used pictures with outfits from the 1thek’s series (My 1st time in my life | Ep.3). I can’t choose which card I like the best from this set. Everyone looks so good […]

Who And Why Are They My Favorites | Weeekly & Apink

So today I wanted to go over why Weeekly and Apink are my ult groups! I am actually a huge girl group stan and I pretty much follow every girl group comeback or debut that is happening. I haven’t really been into the boy groups. I listen to boy group songs, but I don’t follow […]

Weeekly Collection Spreadsheet | 2021

Hi! I’m sharing with you my Weeekly Collection Spreadsheet. This is a google spreadsheet file. You can download it and use it for yourself.  It contains every photocard and postcard that Weeekly have released. (It does not contain any special gifts, 1of1 polaroids, keyrings etc.)  The Spreadsheet Any tips or comments is really appreciated ^^