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Twice is back with their 10th mini album and it’s summer. 

Alcohol-Free 6/10
Twice does what they always do releasing solid addictive songs. All of them look absolutely stunning too. I love the whole chorus. It’s literally so addictive that I want to cry, but there is something about Twice title tracks that make me not want to listen to songs at first. Maybe it’s because the songs are so easy to digest that I rather want to listen to more interesting songs instead, but at some point I usually end up adding them in my playlist and have them on repeat for awhile. 

First Time 8/10
I love the drip sound in the background and the rest of the song is a delight. 

Scandal 4/10
I love the pre-chorus, but the rest of the song is almost painful :/ 

Conversation 6/10

Baby Blue Love 8/10
I love the groovy feeling in the song and it’s my favorite song of the album.

SOS 7/10

Conclusion – I love the sexy/hot summer concept and it’s so different from their last summer album. I think the whole album is well constructed and there is no song that feels out of place. I will definitely revisit the album some time.

What is your favorite song on the album?

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