Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves Black

Today I present to you my favorite sleeve: The Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves Black

I personally don’t care much about seeing the backside of the cards. I know a lot of people do like seeing the backside of the cards and that is understandable, but I prefer my cards in colored sleeves because it’s more pleasing to the eye. 

– Clarity 
It’s actually crazy how good you can see the cards through the sleeves! 

– Durability 
These sleeves are made to be played in tournaments and they should have no problem holding up for your kpop collection. 

– Acid free, No PVC

– Price
It is a high end product. 

These Katana sleeves really deliver on what they are advertising for. They are a little pricier than other sleeves, but I really think they are worth it.

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