Weeekly | 7Days Tension

I finally had some time to listen to this song and I had it on repeat for a day. I really didn’t expect Weeekly to release anything so quickly after the last comeback. It’s been two months since the comeback and they have done a lot of promotion in between the comeback and 7Days Tension, so I don’t really understand how they have time to do so much and I hope they do get a good rest. 

I’m ofc happy that we got a new song and a mv. I don’t think any Daileee’s is starving after Weeekly content. I love 7Days Tension, the song, the mv and the outfits. This is going to be my summer song til the day they release another summer song. Every member looks fantastic and I’m so happy ^^ They also released a Choreography Video. 

I think we will get a Weeekly comeback in late august-september so I’m looking forward to that, but now I’m going to enjoy 7Days Tension! 

It’s Zoa’s Birthday tomorrow (Or in 3 hours korean time)! I hope she has an amazing birthday with friends & family and cake ofc. Her happiness comforts all Daileees and I wish that Daileee gives her as much happiness as she gives to Daileee’s. I have to wake up early tomorrow to catch the birthday Vlive ^^

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