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In my last Weeekly post I wrote that I did not think we would be getting a concept change and I was so wrong, and I now have to realize that is going to happen. I’m not going to lie, this truly feels like a slap to the face, to all the dedicated fans. I have so many concerns about the concept change – it’s alerting how many cons there are to pros. I write this post because I care about Weeekly, and even though I’m quite critical to concept change I will still continue to support them to the fullest and I can’t wait for them to take all my money… I can already sense the disgustingly cute wave of pre-order benefit sets that I just have to add to my collection. 

Let’s start on the more positive side, I really liked the Teaser and it might actually be a song that I can listen to, but that was the teaser and from what I have experienced, never trust the teaser! The Highlight Medley definitely made me more skeptical of the title track Ven para. I’m super excited to listen to Where Is My Love? though and I’m most likely going to have that one on repeat. 

The Prologue Film is their most viewed video on their Youtube channel by far at almost 6 mil. views, their 2nd most watched video is their After School Choreograph Video with 1,5 mil. This shows that people are excited about the Weeekly comeback and the concept, and they clearly want to check it out. I will say Weeekly have decently good shot at getting their first win during this promotion. This would be a great achievement and great recognition of their hard work.  

Here is what I do not like:
As I said in the beginning this feels like a slap to the face to the already existing fans, to the fans that truly enjoy the sound and the identity they have built so far. I don’t think this is the time or the right way for them to do a concept change, and I’m just so baffled by the idea that this is the direction that the company has decided to go.

Weeekly have been a group for almost two years, and their career has just begun. They built a strong identity with their bright High Teen concept which has been so different from the overwhelming amount of non- cute and bright concepts that other groups have gone to. They have in a short time created an identity that the dedicated fans have loved and cherished, only for it to be thrown in the trash. 

Look at groups like Apink and Twice which after my opinion have the most loyal and dedicated fans. They have built a strong identity which they never strolled very far away from, and they eventually grew and branched out while they kept their true identity. This is the way in my opinion to create a long lasting group. 

The concept change is totally unnecessary! The one reason in my mind that we are getting a concept change is to ONLY satisfy the majority of people to get more people interested in Weeekly, which is not that bad… if you want to create bandwagon fans that might won’t be there for the next comeback and lose the already existing fans. It’s such a high risk move that might work or it’s a move that disappoints everyone. It’s such an unnecessary move that I will question even if it works. Personally I’m too deep into Weeekly that this concept change won’t waver my loyalty to them, but I’m more concerned about those fans that aren’t 100% into Weeekly yet. 

I sense that if this does get their first win they might think this is the right direction to move forward, and I just disagree.

Isn’t also this the weirdest time to do a concept change? We are in the middle of a trilogy! We had the We trilogy and now we are in the Play Game trilogy, at least wait for the next trilogy. I feel like they were disappointed and mad that Holiday Party didn’t reach the same height as After School, and then decided to abandon the High Teen concept… What!!? IST please make sense! 

I see that I didn’t really discuss the intended point of the post – the documentary. There aren’t English subtitles on the video yet, so I might add another paragraph when they drop it, but I have little faith that is going to change my view immensely. The quality of the documentary is mind blowing. I really didn’t think they would do that, and it had a sense that they really believed this might be something huge. The documentary made me appreciate their High Teen identity more than making me excited for the comeback. 

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