Weeekly Play Game: AWAKE | Prologue Film & Concept Predictions

OT7 Weeekly is back on March 7th~~!!! I’m so excited to see all the girls back promoting, especially Jiyoon, since we didn’t get to see her promote with the group last comeback. Jiyoon’s 20th birthday is 5 days before the comeback on the 2nd, and I hope everything goes as planned for Jiyoon and everyone’s sake. Soojin has tested positive for Covid and is the 2nd member to get the Coronavirus in the group – Soojin will be ready to promote with the group before the comeback, so everything is still on track.

The Prologue Film is now the most viewed video on Weeekly’s Youtube channel, that’s crazy. It’s indeed stunning and beautiful, and I’m not really a theory lover and I haven’t explored the Weeekly universe a lot, but I know that the Weeekly universe is huge and we fans haven’t figured everything out yet.

Concept Change?

Are we getting a concept change, my answer is not likely. First of all it’s a Prologue and I strongly believe it’s still going to be a high teen concept or something in those lines, and if we were getting a concept change it is most likely going to be something like early days of Gfriend, lovelyz, Oh My Girl & etc. I believe the Prologue is more to feed the Weeekly universe than the actual comeback.

Versus people’s opinion, I simply do not believe that there is going to be a huge concept change, and before we get to see the concept photos on the 21st I stand with my point. 

Short points for no concept change

  • Weeekly is fairly a young group (the group itself and the members)
  • Their High Teen concept has done them good so far, which has been their identity
  • We are still in the Play Game era/trilogy 

Full Album Next?

This is Weeekly’s first physical single album and the first time they haven’t done a mini album (7Days Tension was a digital release which is not related to the Weeekly universe or anything that Weeekly has built), and since this is the first single album we are getting there is high possibility that we will get a full album for the next comeback. As long as we are not getting another single album for the next release I’m happy, but the thought of Weeekly having a full album is amazing. 

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