Weeekly – Play Game: AWARE | Album Review

Ven para 💙💙💙
It’s so nice to see Weeekly promoting again, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. I already said my thoughts on the concept change, and I’m so not satisfied with IST’s reasoning and execution on the concept change.

The song is actually good, but there are so many elements in the song that I’m just not a fan of, and the way I rate stuff is more based on my subjective thoughts so that’s the reason it got a 3/5. The only reason it didn’t get a 2 is because I can actually listen when they are performing it, even though I most likely won’t be listening to this song on my own and after this comeback I want nothing to do with this song.

To be honest… I hate the fact that this is a Weeekly song. There are certainly things in the song that I do not fancy, but there are some parts that just work perfectly. Like how the hard hitting song and the soft vocals creates a really nice balance, the tempo is great, and I really loved Jihan’s pre-chorus and the bridge.

What I do hate is the weird distortion they did on the vocals throughout the song. The usage of English is terrible, mainly in the rap parts and the chorus. The rap part was not it. Zoa’s rap was weak, it’s the same as if Cardi B would have done Zoa’s rap part in any of their previous tracks. Zoa’s first rap part, if you want to call it rapping, was so much better than the main rap part. I’m generally not a big fan of Monday’s rapping, and her vocals are immensely better and that is where she shines. I listened to this song on repeat for a day and I couldn’t figure out what was being said in the chorus or even if it was English, and I’m not a fan of the phrase
Ven para aca. Spanish or any non-English language in Kpop only works for me if it’s 1 word and it’s a familiar word like the songs Siesta, Fiesta & etc.

Solar 💙💙
This song has things that I like that were missing from the title track: Vocals, but the song is still not to my taste and I think Ven para is actually nicer to listen to overall.

Where Is My Love 💙💙💙💙💙
This is more what I expected a mature Weeekly would do, and it definitely feels like a development from their previous ballad/slow songs. I love the fact that it is pure vocals. I don’t need anything else besides their vocals to be hooked to a song.

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