Weeekly Season’s Greetings 2023

Weeekly season’s greetings for 2023 are finally here~!! After a disappointing and weird year from IST and Weeekly we do get a season’s greetings. Weeekly are bringing their colorful side with their own fruity Weeekly store concept. This season’s greetings gives me a slight hope that this year will be good for Weeekly and the fans. 2022 was not the best for Weeekly. We saw 1 comeback Weeekly’s first single album that splitted the fanbase, Jiyoon departure, lack of content throughout the year and a tiny anniversary event.

Apple Music had a pre-order/fan meet event with exclusive photocards, and I planned to buy from them to get the photocards, but I expected the deadline to be longer than 11th of december so it ended with me not getting any photocard, and I feel dumb because now I will most likely buy them for a higher price. I hope they won’t be going for too much, but we just have to wait and see ^-^


  • Desk Calendar
  • Double-Sided Poster Calendar
  • Photo Book
  • Planner
  • Greetings Card Set
  • Photo Card Set
  • 4 Cut Film Set
  • Photo Magnet
  • Coaster
Coaster, Magnet Set, Greetings Card Set, 4 Cut Film Set, Photocard Set
Soojin, Monday, Jihan, Soeun, Zoa & Jaehee
Greetings Card Set
4 Cut Film Set
Magnet Set

I like the smaller inclusions in this season’s greetings much more than the season’s greetings we got last year. I really liked last year’s concept, but items included in the season’s greetings were not that great. This year they delivered both on the concept and the physical season’s greetings which is fantastic. Small annoyance like last year we only get 1 set of photocards when there are two different concepts in the season’s greetings. Apple Music did have photocards for the other concept as benefits which is okay, but I rather prefer them to have two photocards set in the season’s greetings.  

I don’t know if it has been previously known, but every member was allocated their own fruit. Soojin, Jihan and Jaehee’s fruits were easy to know, but I don’t think Monday, Soeun and Zoa have been associated with the fruits they got in this season’s greetings.

Photo Book, Desk Calendar, Planner

I love the addition of a photo book which we haven’t gotten in the previous season’s greetings. The photo book is made like a magazine. It’s huge and makes it easier to enjoy the photos than the small photo book we usually get in albums.

Desk Calendar
My favorite page

Did you get Weeekly’s season’s greetings? If so, do you like it and how does it compare to last year?

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