Weeekly’s 8th Member?

Every member of Weeekly except Jihan and Zoa came from the trainee group called Fave Girls who was under Fave Entertainment. In February 2019 Fave Ent. and Plan A Ent. merged together to a new company called PlayM Entertainment. Trainees from Fave Ent. and Plan A Ent. would also merge to a new trainee group called PlayM Girls and later debut as Weeekly in June 2020. 

STAYC’s Seeun is probably the most known trainee who was under Plan A before the merge. I personally think she suits STAYC much better than she would with Weeekly, but today it’s about another trainee who also debuted in another group which is Park Yewon. 

Yewon debuted in the group HOT ISSUE in April 2021. HOT ISSUE is under S2 Entertainment which was established by Hong Seung Sung the co-founder of Cube Ent. who left Cube Ent. in March 2020. I definitely recommend you to check out their MV and the whole album. I wasn’t a huge fan of GRATATA, but it really has grown on me and it’s really good. Their album had me shocked and I did not expect a rookie group to have such good b-sides. My two favorite songs are Purple and Hide In The Dark. I’m quite excited to see their next comeback and I think they have a really bright future in the industry. 

Park Yewon
Yewon was a Plan A trainee before the merge and she can be seen in this VIDEO with Weeekly’s Monday and Zoa. I think the final line-up for the new PlayM Girl group (Weeekly) was finalized around late 2019, it might have even been in the summer 2019 so the Weeekly members and Yewon probably didn’t have much time to train together. 

I think Yewon would definitely fit in Weeekly if they were a 8-member group. From what I have seen she definitely has the same qualities as the Weeekly members and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was the last one to go. It would have been so interesting to see Yewon in Weeekly.

I don’t think any Weeekly members or Yewon have mentioned each other yet, so it’s really hard to get a grasp of what kind of relationship the Weeekly members and Yewon have. PlayM have deleted every video containing trainees that did not make it to the final group which is sad because I really want to see them, but it’s also very understandable. 

Maybe we will get some interaction when they eventually have a promotion at the same time ^-^


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