Weeekly’s next concept?

Now that the “We” era is over it will be interesting to see what concept they are going to come back with next time. 

It will be interesting to see if they are going to do another trilogy. I think if they are going to do it they will need to do it in the same time frame as last time, max 1 year. If they are going to drag a trilogy over a year it is going to be stale. 

Sexy Concept?
I can say you what concept they will not be doing for the next comeback and that is a sexy concept & mature concept even though both Zoa and Jaehee said they wanted to try a sexy concept -_-*

Okok what do I think they will do? I think they are going to continue in the realm of youth at least. As of now they have done We are as an introduction, We can as a middle part and We play as an end part (After School). I think we are done with anything school related. 

The front of the last album is quite exciting to look at, especially the top right corner. It looks like it is turning to a new page and we get a snippet of what is on the next page. We can see Uni the cat (Found in the Mv of After School) on the page and on the next one (Maybe), so maybe we are going into another dimension or it is just the storyline for After School when they are going through the portal…. :/ 

Cosmic concept? Wjsn?

I kinda want to see them do a concept like Apink ^^

I really do not care much about what concept they are going to do. I will support them no matter what! <3

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