What a Day!?!!? 3 Girl Group Comebacks In One Day

So Aespa, Fromis_9 and Rocket Punch had a comeback today and I am so excited for all these releases. 

Aespa – Next Level 

Interesting and a really cool song, but it is not going to be something I will be listening to. I wasn’t really a fan of Black Mamba either when it first came out, but then it slowly grew on me. I really liked the funky part in Next Level.

Fromis_9 – WE GO 

A nice and a fun song. It is a really summerly song. I do not get the summer feels from the song maybe because I live in Norway and the weather hasn’t really become hot yet, but after some listenings it makes me really want to travel again. 

The MV is really pretty and fun!  

Rocket Punch – Ring Ring

Hmm…. personally it feels really lackluster the MV and the song. Ever since their debut they have been slowly getting worse. I do not know what Woollim is thinking with Rocket Punch, with Lovelyz they at least had a plan and a concept that they were trying to achieve, but with Rocket Punch it is really up in the air. Unfortunately I do not think this comeback did them any favors and I hope they will come back with something really good next time!   

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