What I Wish To See From The Queendom 2 Line-up

Mnet revealed the Queendom 2 line-up on the 21th Feb, and I’m totally stoked. I didn’t watch the first season of Queendom, mostly because there were no groups I was totally invested in. I did watch most of the performances from season 1 on Youtube, and there were few really great performances. Oh My Girl’s Guerilla is so freaking good, there are no words of how much I love that song. Another amazing song is (G)I-DLE’s LION.

   –  Brave Girls
   –  HYOLYN
   –  Kep1er
   –  LOONA
   –  VIVIZ
   –  WJSN

How does the show work
Round 1 – Representative Hit Song: Each group performs one of their hit songs, where the song and performance is slightly rearranged from the original.

Round 2 – Cover Song: Each contestant gets paired up and performs a song from each other, which is totally arranged from the original.

Round 3 Part 1 – Unit Round: The unit round is split in two, the vocal units and the performance unit. Each group/artist sends their main vocal and main dancer to each unit. The vocal unit gets paired into 3 units and the pairs compete against each other, while in the performance unit they perform one stage together in a free-for-all.

Round 3 Part 2 – Fan-dora’s Box: The contestants perform a song suggested by the audience.

Final Round: Each contestant performs their own new release song, where the winner gets their own showcase on Mnet.

Here is what I predict and want to see on Queendom 2.

Brave Girls

I think everyone knows which song they are going to perform for their first stage (representative hit song), Rollin. The song that literally revived this group, and it is just a miracle that the song took off before they disbanded. They have to rearrange the song for the performance, and I think they can make the song even more sexy and slower paced. The choreo for Rollin is somehow way too sexy for how the song sounds. 

The cover round is pretty open, I would love to see Deepend and High Heels being covered. Deepend for artists like Hyolyn, Wjsn and Viviz who might go for a sexy concept, and High Heels for those who want to go for a more cute and fun concept. 

In the fan-dora’s box round I really want to see Deepend (if it doesn’t get chosen in the cover round) or my favorite Brave Girls b-side No Rush.

Final Prediction: Rollin -> High Heels -> Deepend


I think Dally is the most likely choice, but it is big but… Even though Dally is Hyolyn’s most popular song as a solo artist, I do not think it’s going to be performed and if I remember right she didn’t promote this song on any music show because the choreo was too sexy for Korean TV. She could make it more TV friendly though. If it’s not going to be Dally then I’m confident that it’s going to be Erase, and overall I’m actually more confident that it’s going to be Erase than Dally.

For the cover round I think the other participants will go for a Sistar song, like how (G)I-DLE went for a 2NE1 song for Park Bom, but that makes it so harder to predict because Sistar has so freaking many bops. I’m quite sure it’s going to a Sistar summer song, then the question is which? I think that’s going to be one of the latest summer hits, Touch My Body or SHAKE IT. It would be cool to see Wjsn and Hyolyn covering each other since Wjsn is the younger sister group to Sistar as both are/were under Starship Ent. Wjsn has already done some Sistar covers, so I think we will see another artist for the cover round. 

What would be really cool to see in the fan-dora’s box round is Sistar19 reunion with Bora as guest, and I think it will be Ma Boy

Final Prediction: Erase -> Touch My Body -> Ma Boy


Imagine the controversy if Kep1er manages to win, fairly or not, and imagine a group produced by Mnet not winning on Mnet. I can already see the memes and I have a hard time figuring out what they are going to do with Kep1er. For the first round it’s going to either WA DA DA or O.O.O

I can see the other participants covering one of the songs from the Creation Mission from Girls Planet 999. I have no idea of which song one wants to cover, so I will go for the ones I want to see the most. My favorite song from that mission is U+Me=Love, but I think I would love a cover of Utopia a lot more.  

I think MVSK is going to be the final song, a perfect ending for Kep1er to end on.  

Final Prediction: WA DA DA -> Utopia -> MVSK


I don’t think there is a Loona title track that has been significantly more popular than the rest, but So What is the turning point for Loona concept wise. Someone commented which I don’t remember where, but they said they wanted to see a Loona predebut medley and I totally agree. Their pre-debut has been one of a kind and it has become their identity, so that would be super amazing and it would be a great way to start the show for Loona. 

I think most people want Butterfly to be covered and personally that would be really interesting. I’m not the biggest fan of Butterfly and I would like to see Why Not? instead, but I definitely think it’s going to be Butterfly and if not it’s most likely going to be in the next round. 

Loona has a great selection of b-sides and I think one of my favorites Voice is going to be the choice for the final round. Other great b-sides: Heat, Perfect Love, Stylish, Curiosity, Satellite & more.

Final Prediction: So What -> Butterfly -> Voice


They are in the same situation as Hyolyn (artist from former groups), but Viviz just debuted and their discography is not as deep as Hyolyn’s, and it’s most likely going to be BOP BOP! for the first round. I mean they could go for a Gfriend song, but I really don’t think that is going to happen. 

I do think the possibility is greater for a Gfriend cover, and I do think that it’s going to Rough which was the start of Gfriend’s legacy. There are so many great alternatives. Apple for something sexier and Me gustas tu for something youthful and bright. 

I suggest for those who have not listened to Viviz’s album to do that, it’s filled with really great songs and I believe they are going to perform on of their b-sides for the final round. My bet is on Tweet Tweet, even though I really want to see Mirror performed (not rearranged). 

Final Prediction: BOP BOP! -> Rough -> Tweet Tweet 


I’m so hyped and glad that Wjsn are in the line-up! And maybe they finally can get some recognition from the international fans. They never released a bad or under average song in my opinion, and they just continue to release bops after bops. I predict that we are going to see either Save Me, Save You or Secret. Personally I want to see Save Me, Save You more, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be Secret. 

I have seen some comments about Wjsn and Loona covering each other’s Butterfly as cool as it sounds, that is such a troll move and I don’t think it’s going to happen even though a little part of me wants it. I really don’t know which song it’s going to be, I guess it depends on the group/artist. If Save Me, Save You is not chosen in the first round I might think it will be covered. 

The song selection of Wjsn is huge, but if there are any b-sides I really want to see it’s You Got. Anything from their newest album UNNATURAL would be *Chef’s Kiss* too. 

Final Prediction: Secret -> Save Me, Save You -> You Got

I’m super excited for the show, and I hope everyone gets an extra boost in terms of popularity and I can’t wait to see the interaction between the artists. Starship has unfortunately announced that Wjsn’s Dawon is on hiatus due to mental health and most likely won’t be on Queendom, which is bummer for me because I really wanted to see her on the show, but there is better and bigger things in life than satisfying people who are on the other side of the world – like me. 

It’s going to be interesting to see how much wrong I’m, and like 80% confident in my final decision. 

Brave Girls: Rollin -> High Heels -> Deepend 
HYOLYN: Erase -> Touch My Body -> Ma Boy
Kep1er: WA DA DA -> Utopia -> MVSK
LOONA: So What -> Butterfly -> Voice
VIVIZ: BOP BOP! -> Rough -> Tweet Tweet
WJSN: Secret -> Save Me, Save You -> You Got

What are your predictions, and which song do you want to see performed?

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