What is a subunit?

The definition of a subunit: a unit that is a part of a larger unit, like NCT U is a subunit of NCT. 

Why do Kpop groups create sub-units? 

  • Some members could be on hiatus for different reasons. The subunit NU’EST W was created because one of their members was on a hiatus from the group to promote with Wanna One. The “W” stands for wait, waiting for Minhyun to return. 

  • Subunits are also created to show different concepts and style. The main group usually doesn’t go far away from their identity and there is little room to explore and showcase new sides and styles, so they create subunits to start from scratch again. WJSN is known for their concept of space. They started quite cute and bubbly, but the concept has become more mature and elegant. WJSN has created two subunits which have two totally different styles and colors. WJSN Chocome are bright and bubblegum while WJSN THE BLACK are sexy and dark. 

LOONA debuted every single member on their own and created subunits along the way. They had 3 subunits 1/3, ODC & yyxy before they became the final group LOONA.

– NCT 127
– Pristin V
– Orange Caramel
– Girls’ generation TTS

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