Who And Why Are They My Favorites | Weeekly & Apink

So today I wanted to go over why Weeekly and Apink are my ult groups!

I am actually a huge girl group stan and I pretty much follow every girl group comeback or debut that is happening. I haven’t really been into the boy groups. I listen to boy group songs, but I don’t follow anyone.


Let’s start with the most recent one, Weeekly! They have only been around for almost a year now and it has been so much fun to be with them! They bring me so much energy and happiness, and I am really excited to see them grow ^^ I really love all the members and I want to support them as much as I can!

How did I discover them?
I found them through 1Thek’s channel when they released the PlayM Girls (Weeekly’s former name) K-pop Mashups and that was late 2019. Ever since then I had all the K-pop Mashup videos on repeat until their debut… ^^

Who is my bias?
Soojin is my bias, but I really like all the members! She is my number 1 and everyone else would be number 2 ^-^

Do I collect them?
Yes, I do! I collect OT7 and it’s been really fun collecting them! A dash stress tho… I’m trying to collect everything for Weeekly and I got my first ever kpop polaroid of Soeun from Weeekly in my first ever Fansign Video Call. I would wish for a Soojin polaroid, but this Soeun polaroid is my treasure and it means a lot to me! <3


I am so happy to be a Pink Panda and support these girls even though Naeun left recently. I hope she is doing well. I am going to miss her a lot and Apink with 5 members feels weird… They have accomplished a lot and I am so happy to be a part of their journey!

How did I discover them?
I found them on Youtube for some reason and I think it was either the Mr.chu MV or the Luv MV… After that I started to watch Apink News and it got me hooked on Apink! I was in a really bad period of my life and Apink became my only source of happiness at that time.

Who is my bias?
Park Chorong is definitely my bias and I love all the members! The relationship between Apink and Pink Pandas feels like a huge family and I love it!

Do I collect them?
I do, but at the same time I don’t….. I have some albums and I recently bought a lot of Apink photocards from Mercari, but I don’t have any system. I just have a bunch of cards and I think zero full sets. I want to take it more seriously, but I haven’t yet.

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