How I Won A Video Call Fansign With Only 1 Album

Is it possible to win a video call fansign with only 1 album? The answer is yes, and I have actually done it myself and I will share with you how I did it, but the odds are definitely against you and you are not likely to get into fansign with only 1 album. 

How to win a video call fansign? A fansign (video call or in-person) is run by a lottery system where 1 album purchased equals 1 ticket, and when the time period is over there will be a draft to see who wins. The albums have to be purchased from a specific store during a specific time. For more information on fansign events you can check out my post: What is a video call fansign and how can I win one?

Story Time:
So I amazingly, outrageously managed to win a video call fansign with Soeun from Weeekly by buying only 1 album through Mokketshop. I know Weeekly isn’t one of the biggest groups, and getting into a Weeekly fansign is much easier than any really popular groups, but winning one with only 1 album is still not normal at all. I actually bought 7 albums, and for some weird reason I couldn’t use all the 7 entries/tickets from the albums on Soojin, who is the person I wanted to meet the most, so I ended up with 6 entries for the fansign with Soojin and 1 entry for Soeun. I bought the albums for the pre-order benefit photocards, and for the small chance of winning a video call fansign. Normally I would never buy only 1 album.

The video call with Soeun was perfect~! There were no awkward pauses, no misunderstandings & etc. She had the biggest smile from the first second, and it really helped me ease up and made the whole interaction much better. I couldn’t ask for a better experience, and the connection during the call was great. 

The conversation:

  • I started off by complimenting her outfit, and she seemed happy about it and she tried to translate in her head what she was going to say “Hmm….. It’s my hahah” while pointing at her cardigan and showing off her outfit. 
  • After that I asked her which song she wanted to do a dance cover to, and she answered with Love Dive by IVE and showed off some moves. 
  • The last thing I said before our goodbyes was that I read her messages on Bubble and that it makes me happy, and that she is quite funny. She responded with “It makes me happy to hear and I will send even more messages in the future ^-^”.

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