WJSN [Sequence] Album Unboxing

I randomly ended up buying WJSN’s latest album Sequence. Although WJSN is one of my favorite groups, I have never bought any of their albums before now, which is super weird because I have a decent amount of albums and by groups that I’m not that into. I’m super excited to finally own WJSN albums. I didn’t only buy the normal edition, but I also bought a full set of the Jewel case ver. and I bought all three ver. of UNNATURAL.  

I have been a fan of WJSN basically since their debut (a very casual fan) and they have released top tier songs all through their career. They had this cosmic/space concept through their career which has worked wonderfully, but these two last comebacks have been on another level. The mature and more sexy WJSN is amazing, and it feels like a reward for supporting and following their journey from the start. 

My biases have been Luda and Soobin for a long time and these are the two I currently collect, but Dawon has been wrecking me for some time and I think I will start to collect her as well. That way I can fill my 9 pocket pages with three of them.   

If you haven’t checked out their comeback yet, the MV is down below.

WJSN Sequence Special Single Album

There are 3 versions, Scene Ver. (Blue cover), Take 1 Ver. (Pink cover) and Take 2 Ver. (Orange cover). Every version comes with a dust jacket, photobook, CD, 2 photocards and 1 unit photocard, and if you pre-ordered the album you would also get a postcard, stickers and a folded poster. 

There are in total 40 photocards, 20 unit photocards, 10 postcards, 5 sticker sets and 11 folded posters. You have to buy 20 albums to get a full set of photocards which is quite insane. 

Even though I didn’t pre-order the albums I still got the pre-order benefits so that was really nice, and I just checked the website I bought it from and it’s out of stock so I’m really happy that I bought them when I did. 

Scene Ver. Photobook Cover
Take 1 Ver. Photobook Cover
Take 2 Ver. Photobook Cover
One of my favorite photos

Final Thoughts

The dust jacket cover is really sad, I mean anything is better than the plain color cover, but that is the only complaint I have about the album. Anything else is beautiful and nicely executed. Credit to everyone responsible for the photoshoot. I seriously want every photo in the photobook on my phone, like every single photo is absolutely stunning. 

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