WJSN [Sequence] Jewel Ver. Album Unboxing

I went a little more in depth in the first unboxing of my thoughts and reasons on the comeback and my reasons for buying the albums, so check it out WJSN [Sequence] Album Unboxing. 

Short version: WJSN has been one of my favorite groups for a long time, but this is my first time buying any of their albums so I’m super excited to unbox them and I might be able to get my hands on more photocards of my biases, Luda, Soobin & Dawon. 

I know a lot of people hate jewel case albums, but I’m a big fan of the jewel case albums for no other reasons than that I just like them. There is just something attractive about them. I totally get that it’s just another thing companies are throwing at the fans to make more money, but I personally have zero problem with it and I actually want Weeekly to do the same. 

WJSN Sequence Jewel Ver. Album

There are 10 different versions, one version each with a member cover and photo book. Every album comes with 1 photocard out of 10 and 1 mini folded poster out of 10. 

Jewel Ver. Photocards

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