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My top pick for Produce 48 has finally made her solo debut. Yena made her debut with the title track SMILEY and her mini album ˣ‿ˣ (SMILEY). I have been waiting patiently for her debut and it has finally come. I kinda expected to see her join EVERGLOW, but that never happened and after experiencing her debut I must say I’m glad that didn’t happen. I just had to support her debut and I decided to buy 3 albums from Makestar. The amount of event photocards for Yena’s debut is insane, but I’m sure that Yena will bring in a lot of money anyway.

The title track oozed with Yena’s aura and personality. Everything was perfect except one thing, BIBI’s feature. I see that almost everyone loves the feature, but to me it feels weird. It’s literally the opposite of Yena. BIBI is an amazing rapper and artist. They corporated her well into the song and the story, but personally I think the song would be better without BIBI. I wanted the song to be all about Yena and her energy. The fun, energetic and lovely Yena. For me there is little replay value even though the rest of the song is so good. I’m probably not going to play this song to get in a fun and energetic mood because BIBI’s part feels like black hole in the song so I rather listen to a song that is fun throughout. Yena did BIBI’s part during the showcase and I really liked it. She did it in her own cute and fun way which I found very satisfying. 

Beside my dissatisfaction with the title track, Lxxk 2 U is a banger. I love everything about that song and I’m going to enjoy that song for a long time. It’s not something I expected from Yena, but it works so well. I have to applaud the courage of doing something very unlike Yena. Yena has one of those unique voices I can listen to forever and is the very reason for why I have fallen in love with her. Btw who hurted Yena so much that she did this song so well!?!!?

Album Unboxing

Yup I got 3 albums from Makestar which was not enough to get all the Makestar photocards and they already have a new event with 5 new exclusive photocards. There are 5 Makestar photocards and you get 1 per album. Talk about ripping money from the fans. There is no way that I’m going to collect every photocard by Yena – I’m not even going to collect every album photocard. I will most likely only collect those photocards I like the most and fill up one or two 9-pocket pages per release.

Smile CD
Hero CD

These photos are without the transparent album sleeve because it was too reflective and difficult to take good photos of. Not a big fan of the holographic design on the album. It’s hard to get a clean look at the album cover photos. All the photos in the photobook are amazing. I love the concept – Yena is stunning and so freaking cute. My favorite photoshoot has to be with the yellow dress, kinda biased since my favorite color is yellow. My least favorite has to be the one with the pink dress. I can’t with the oversized gloves, they are super weird to look at. Which is your favorite photoshoot?

Album Photocard

Yena Album Photocard Pulls
1st row Smile album 1, 2nd row Smile album 2 & 3rd row Hero album pulls

The photocards are so pretty and cute, I want them all. I’m a little sad about the duplicates. I will try to trade them, but I don’t know which cards I want to trade them for yet. It’s hard to see, but the 1st column is the holographic cards, 2nd column album photocards & 3rd and 4th column are the heart trading cards.

Makestar Photocard


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