YENA – Love War Album Unboxing

I bought both versions of Yena’s 1st single album Love War together with Weeekly’s Season’s Greetings. It was an impulse buy since she just released Love War, and I’m a hard Yena stan. I have supported her since Produce 101 and she was my number 1 pick. This time Yena is back with a completely different style, and it’s my least favorite title track. The moody dark sound is just not doing it for me. BE’O is an amazing artist, but the feature is not really needed in my opinion. Love the concept, don’t like the execution.

Except for the songs the rest is on point. Something I will never get tired of is seeing through Yena albums. The photos tend to be freaking amazing and diverse. I don’t have a clear favorite concept or shoot from this album, but they are all fantastic.

War Version & Love Version Inclusions

Yena is a master of taking selfies. Any photocard of her is truly stunning. I’m a little disappointed by how little inclusions there are included in the album, but it’s only a single album so it’s kinda expected. Adding only a postcard for the inclusions would have been great and much appreciated. 

Has anyone else bought Yena’s newest album?

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