UNIVERSE TICKET | SBS first K-Pop Survival Show

SBS’s first idol survival show Universe Ticket is finally here. Two episodes have been released so far and I must say it’s been good so far. Universe Ticket is a survival show consisting of 82 contestants who will eventually become 8 which forms the final group.

It’s basically like the Produce and Girls Planet, but one thing I like about Universe is the diversity of the contestants. There are contestants from the Philippines, Malaysia, Italy and more. 

I am not super invested, but I will most likely watch every episode. The only contestant that I am excited for is Yewon, former HOT ISSUE member. There are some known figures in the show like Eunchae from DIA and other contestants from Girls Planet. 

One thing I don’t really like is how young some of the contestants are. Not going super detailed into it. I think most people understand and agree on that standpoint.

Have you started watching Universe Ticket, and what are your thoughts?

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