Weeekly ColoRise Album Unboxing

It’s the first release Weeekly where we get 3 different album versions + the platform album. You would think that to complete the photocard set would mean to buy more albums since it’s one more version then the previous releases, but that’s not the case. Theoretically you need to buy 18 albums, 6 of each version to have a full set. We went down from Play Game: Awake which was 28 albums, and we went up from Play Game: Holiday which was 14. 

I must say I really like the different style and concept they chose between the versions, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Growth version. I think the hairstyle they chose for that version suited the members really well, and I love the fashion choice.

IST had no mercy for us this comeback. We got 3 album versions + 1 platform album + the lightstick + soon 2024 season’s greetings. All of this right before christmas season too…

Photobook, CD & Inclusion Envelope
Iris ver. Smaller Inclusions
Palette ver. Smaller Inclusions
Growth ver. Smaller Inclusions
Photocard Back (Selfie, QR & Unit)

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