Weeekly ColoRise Platform Album Unboxing

Weeekly is finally back after almost 2 years!! I’m so glad and happy to see them perform and promote again. I really enjoy this album (my two favorite songs are A+ and Ruby-Doby-Do). The title track Vroom Vroom is quite catchy and funky. It’s fresh and it’s something they haven’t done in the past. 

For this album they released a Platform version of their album just like last time. The Platform version for ColoRise is a tin case packaging filled with photocards and a figure. The thing I’m most excited for is the figures – they are so cute!! I also love the concept and style they went for so I’m most likely going to collect a lot of photocards from this era.

AR Photocard 1 of 6 
Selfie Photocard 2 of 18 
Photocard Set 6
Figure 1 of 6

6 of the Selfie Photocards are Hidden Photocards which seem to be harder to obtain. I bought 18 albums and got 0 Hidden Photocard.

AR Photocard
Photocard Set
Selfie Photocard (Every unique ones I got)
Jaehee, Soojin, Jihan, Zoa, Monday & Soeun
Back (AR, Selfie & Photocard Set)
MINIRECORD Pre-Order Benefits (two-sided Photocard)

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