Aespa’s Downfall

So I saw a post on Instagram the other day about some negative comments about Ningning. Most of the comments were targeted at her ethnicity from some korean people and I’m not a little surprised. I wish I had saved the post so you could have seen it, but I didn’t :/ 

I’m not any political or a kpop expert. I’m only talking from my perspective and my experience.

There was one thing I was concerned about when Aespa got announced and it was Ningning (Her ethnicity). The korean and the chinese relationship has not been good and for good reasons I would say. 

There have been a lot of chinese idols in kpop for a while and I don’t think it has been too problematic, but chinese idols in korea have a bad reputation of when their career is done in Korea for whatever reason they quickly change for support of the PRC. Their reasoning is also understandable, but I do not support it. 

Almost the first thing Joe Biden did when became the president was to criticize and pressure China for their unethical actions and the situation between China and the west has become more intense. Trump really didn’t care much about China’s ethical actions. He liked to criticize them, but he didn’t do too much. 

It’s going to be interesting to see what is going to happen with kpop and the relationship between Korea & China moving forward. 

Personally I like Ningning. She is super cool and she is absolutely killing it, but I’m concerned that if things get more and more intense that SM and Ningning have to make some quite difficult decisions and some are not going to be happy with it. The worst case is Aespa disbandment which I don’t think will happen. 

If you think I’m wrong and a moron you more than welcome to comment ^-^

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