Queendom 2 | Round 3 Part 2 FANtastic Queendom

In this round the contestants meet up with their fans to get their insight to which song they want to be performed by their idols. Weirdly enough this is the first time I enjoyed watching the show besides the performances. The interaction with their fans was heartwarming, especially after the long pandemic. This has to be the best round, everyone stepped up big time and it was a blast to experience. 

6. Brave Girls - Red Sun

I’m not feeling it, the song selection or the performance. I really do not know what to say.


Another fantastic performance. This is the best round of performances, and even though this is ranked last it’s still an amazing performance. Throughout the performance I could feel they had fun and enjoyed every second of it, which made me happy and it was truly a gift to their fans.

4. Kep1er - The Boys (original: Girls' Generation)

Holy- what a performance!! I’m so happy that Kep1er finally executed something amazing, and they should be enormously proud of themselves because this was nothing but incredible. The stage was dynamic and the performance was great throughout. The only bad part about the performance is that it’s a cover and not an original. 

3. LOONA - Butterfly

I think the top 3 equally deserve to win and it all comes down to personal preference. This performance is stunning and is a delight to watch. Everything is on point, the stage, the outfits, the props. I have never been a huge fan of the song Butterfly, but this performance showcased how beautiful the song truly is. 


A little biased that she didn’t get first place this round. The way she just takes control of the stage by herself is amazing, and she controls the performance and not the song. When she is surrounded by backup dancers she always manages to stand out, and the amount of talent there is in this one person is astonishing. In my opinion HYOLYN is the only one who truly deserves to win Queendom 2. Each round has been top tier and amazing, and she did it BY HERSELF. 

1. WJSN - Pantomime

What an absolutely magical show, an incredible performance. This has to be one of the best performances on the show. A special thanks to the fans that selected Pantomime, because without them we wouldn’t have gotten this amazing performance. The opening sequence was stunning with the visual effects and the amount of parts that just blew my mind is incredible, there wasn’t one part of the performance that felt dull. Bona was vital  for this performance success and it was nice to see her back, and maybe we will get Dawon back for the final performance.  

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