Feeling bored of Kpop – What to do

At some point every Kpop fan will get bored about Kpop whether it might be there are no releases you like, your favorite group disbanded or not promoting as much or it might be a shift in the Kpop industry. 

As someone who has been a Kpop fan (Since 2014)  for some time I have definitely felt out of touch with Kpop multiple times and it’s totally okay to fall out of Kpop either completely or for some period. 

What can you do if you are feeling bored of Kpop, but for some reason can’t let go
I believe that you shouldn’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy and I live by that. I truly don’t do or hold on to things that don’t make me happy so when I don’t enjoy Kpop I listen to other things that I enjoy. If you can’t let go of Kpop because of other people around you in real life or on the internet then remember people are going to be weird no matter what you do in life and it’s your personal choice. Your happiness is worth much more than satisfying others on petty stuff. 

The same goes for Kpop collecting.

How did I fall out of Kpop and how did I get back into Kpop
You would believe that living in Korea you would be more into Kpop, but that was not my case. When I was on a language exchange program in Korea for 6 months I listened to very little Kpop. I used all my energy and time to take in everything from that beautiful country. The culture, the history, the people, everything except Kpop, so when I got back home I had 6 months of Kpop releases to catch up on. 

When there are no releases that I don’t enjoy as much I tend to go on periods where I just listen to older Kpop songs or other genres for months and I’m not up to date with any Kpop news. I usually get back into Kpop by finding a new release that I like or my favorite group has a comeback.

Whatever your reason might be, I hope you find the solution to your happiness~  

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