Girls RE:VERSE | Kakao Entertainment’s New Virtual Survival Show

Source: 소녀 리버스 GIRL'S RE:VERSE (Youtube)

So Kakao Entertainment announced a new virtual survival show called RE:VERSE consisting of 30 already debuted girl group idols. The contestants’ identities are at the moment not known and everyone has their own virtual character that represents them. The show will start on the 28th of November 

My first thoughts on the show is that it is absolutely ridiculous. I have no clue who is going to watch it, I am probably going to watch it tho due to how dumb and interesting the idea is. Clearly they are sitting on information that we do not have, and there has to be a market that they think is profitable for them to do something like this. 

They released the contestants introduction video. They made it so easy to find out the identity of the contestants which beg the reason for why they even tried to make the identities secret. You would think that having the identities secret would have every contestant on the same playing level and it would not be a popularity contest, but now it makes no sense since everyone knows who is who. It is going to be interesting to see how the show is going to work in the end. Maybe it will be like a Produce survival show, just virtual instead.  

*Identity Spoilers*

There are some contestants I am cheering for and are looking forward to watching, and if you are wondering how I already know their identity it is not hard. There is this twitter post by nugupromoter which has the rumored identity for the contestants, but taking Hayoung for an example; her introduction video is of her virtual character streaming and saying 곡하 which so similar to her actually catchphrase 빵하 that she uses on her youtube channel, and they also did nothing to her voice to make it unrecognizable.

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