Hidden Gems Episode 6 | Hush Baby – BESTie

Hidden Gems is a series where I share my favorite b-sides every wednesday. In Hidden Gems we discover new b-sides that deserve some extra love and appreciation. You are more than welcome to recommend b-sides for me to check out.

Today we are discovering a hidden gem from probably the most underrated group so far in this series. A group I wished got a lot more attention and appreciation than they got. This week’s song is Hush Baby by BESTie. BESTie was and still is one of my favorite groups of all time. It was one of the groups I really liked when I first fell deeper in the K-pop rabbit hole, and it’s a group that I hold dear to my heart. 

BESTie was a 4 member group who debuted in 2013 under YNB Entertainment with the song Pitapat. The group consisted of the members: Hyeyeon, U-ji, Dahye & Haeryung. Everyone except Dahye was former members of the more successful group EXID. U-ji and Dahye left the company in 2017 and the group disbanded quietly in 2018. 

U-ji came forward in 2021 on Youtube with the channel Recent Olympics and said the members made no money during their time as BESTie (Koreaboo, 2021) which is incredibly sad, but at the end of the day it’s not that surprising in this harsh and super competitive industry, and at that time which did not have the same exposure to the rest of the world as it does now. 

Now to the actual song, Hush Baby was released in may, 2015 with their last mini album Love Emotion. Hush Baby is a summer delight. I love the upbeat summer feeling it gives off and the elegant vocals are heavenly. The selection of instruments is perfect, nothing feels out of place while adding depth to the song. I think you definitely like Hush Baby if you like Hot baby.   

Title Track Worthy?
Hush Baby definitely has the potential to be an equally awesome summer song as Hot Baby, and I think if they put it on hold and had a summer comeback with Hush Baby after Love Emotion and Excuse Me it would have done great, but if I had to choose which song were going to be the title track between the title track Excuse Me and Hush Baby I would 100% gone with Excuse Me. In my opinion Excuse Me just reaches a broader audience than Hush Baby does which is the intention behind a title track, and the song is simply amazing.

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